Three summers ago, we were suffering through a difficult season of storms and power outages that lasted for days.  In the aftermath, we met with ComEd as a community, and we collaborated with regional neighbors and elected officials to work with ComEd to address the on-going problems so many were experiencing.  Additionally, we held hearings with the Illinois Commerce Commission and Illinois General Assembly members, and we filed testimony with the Illinois Attorney General in an action demanding reimbursement for losses.

Yesterday, an Illinois appellate court ruled that ComEd must pay for damages caused by these prolonged outages.  Click here to read the article in today’s Chicago Tribune.

I’ve asked our City Manager to pursue reimbursement for the more than $70,000 dollars owed to the City for expenses incurred during these outages.  Reimbursement for individual losses will be available as well. Please know that the City will forward claim information to residents as soon as we receive it.

Although there is a chance that the decision will be appealed, the good news is that in the aftermath of all of this, ComEd invested significantly in our electrical infrastructure and the number and duration of power outages has diminished significantly.  Moreover, communications with ComEd during any incidents has never been better.   We were heard.

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