Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) Recognizes Mayor Nancy Rotering

Over the past 52 years, the Northwest Municipal Conference (NWMC) has been working to strengthen communities and enhance intergovernmental relationships in the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago. As one of the premier regional councils of government, the Northwest Municipal Conference represents over 1.3 million citizens residing in our 42 municipalities and 1 township. Our membership area covers over 300 square miles in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake and McHenry counties.

This week’s Director’s Weekly Briefing included the following:

Highland Park Calls Out Pension Impact on Taxpayers

Kudos to Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering, who issued a statement on Wednesday which ties the need to increase property taxes in the city’s 2014 budget in order to fund state-mandated pension costs.

Mayor Rotering said, “What we need to address, however, are mandated pension costs from the state of Illinois. These costs, though set by the State, must be paid by the City. In 2014, it will cost the City of Highland Park approximately $1,100,000 more to cover its pension costs than 2013. We do not intend to “kick the can” down the road on our pension expenses. In order to responsibly fund this pension expense, the City has proposed to increase its property tax rate the equivalent of $85 per average household.”

She went on to note that the city portion of the property tax bill is only about seven percent of the overall bill, with school districts, the county and park district making up much of the remainder. We thankMayor Rotering for her outreach on the impact of pensions on property taxes and encourage other elected officials to do the same through every communications vehicle possible.

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