ComEd Found Liable for Damages

This week, the Illinois Commerce Commission ruled for the first time that ComEd is liable for damages caused by prolonged power outages.  Click here to read yesterday’s front page Chicago Tribune coverage.  In its decision, according to the Tribune “the ICC gave ComEd 60 days to contact customers and municipalities affected by the storms of two summers ago with instructions on how to submit a claim. ComEd also was told to produce claims customers submitted and that were rejected.”  We at City Hall are available to assist with the process, once notice has been provided.  For further information, please call 1-847-926-1000 starting next week.

While restitution may be difficult after all of this time, I appreciate the ICC holding ComEd accountable and the message that this decision sends in terms of our continued expectation of accountability by ComEd.

Two summers ago, our community suffered numerous multi-day power outages. While stormy weather triggered the outages, at the time, we recognized that years of poor tree trimming and equipment management by ComEd created the breadth and length of these outages, on stormy as well as blue-sky days. During the storms, 85% of our residents were significantly impacted in addition to our businesses, water plant and public safety personnel.

We were relentless in pursuing improved accountability by ComEd.  Click herefor a recap from September, 2011.  Our efforts were worthwhile, as we have seen improvements in service, equipment upgrades and now restitution. We worked hard together on this as a community.  Again, if you were affected and need assistance with the process, contact City Hall starting next week.

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