Flood Clean-Up Services Offered to Affected Homeowners

From the City of Highland Park:

In the wake of regional flooding, the City continues to monitor water levels and work diligently towards storm cleanup efforts after nearly 150 reports of flooding, 60 of which reported basement flooding in homes.

Advanced Disposal is offering several options for homeowners as the community now faces clean-up:

- Special curbside collection for storm debris at $20 per cubic yard
- Roll-off dumpster at $380 per load which includes delivery, haul away and disposal of storm debris

- Free curbside collection on designated Spring Clean-up day

Spring Clean-Up days begin April 27 and run until May 18. The table below shows which day residents can plan for Spring-Clean Up collection from Advanced Disposal, depending on normal waste collection day:

Area – Collection Day – Spring Clean-Up Day
SE – Monday – Saturday, April 27
SW – Tuesday – Saturday, May 4

NE – Thursday – Saturday, May 11

NW – Friday – Saturday, May 18

On April 18, the City received approximately 4″ of rain on an already saturated ground. The Public Works Department received close to 150 calls related to flooding, of which 90 calls reported street flooding and 60 calls reported basement flooding. Additionally, the Police Department experienced more than double the amount of calls expected on a Thursday; 249 calls were made to dispatchers, resulting in 57 service calls.  Two weeks prior to the storm, City crews conducted routine maintenance work such as sweeping streets (and unclogging street inlets), flushing lines and structure cleaning (sucking debris out of catch basins and inlets).

To schedule a curbside pick-up or order a dumpster, residents can call Advanced Disposal at  847-272-4145.   For further inquiries regarding flooding, please call 847-432-0807.

From Lake County:

Damage Assessments 
Lake County continues to provide assistance and coordinate information to communities impacted by the recent flooding. Lake County’s Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is working with the municipalities and townships to capture a countywide, preliminary damage assessment to include flood and storm damage and associated costs. Lake County will then report this information to Illinois EMA.  Property owners should report damage to their local municipality at 847-432-0807 or to Lake County Planning, Building, and Development at 847-377-2081 .
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