Today’s Chicago Tribune includes an investigative article focused on questionable practices in Highland Park City government, including issues with the City’s decision to purchase the Highland Park Movie Theater back in 2008.

Last month, I shared with you that the City Council and I initiated anindependent investigation into City public safety and operational concerns. Immediate actions were taken and while we continue our work towards a culture of transparent and accountable government, today’s article provides further details and expands on that earlier report:

Mysterious report prompts ethics, safety review in Highland Park

Mayor says action underway to ensure city is following its own building code

January 22, 2013  By John P. Huston, Chicago Tribune reporter

When Highland Park City Council members agreed in late 2008 to spend $2.1 million buying a financially troubled downtown theater, they didn’t know it was riddled with safety hazards and other problems that would cost another $2.6 million to fix.

A report that thoroughly outlined the problems was never shown to the council, according to current and former members. Read more here:

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