The following is the official information from the City of Highland Park regarding the sprinkling ban put into effect today, July 5, 2012. The link to the City posting as well as water conservation information may be found at:

“City Prohibits Outdoor Water Use for All Water Customers

Due to ongoing hot temperatures and drought conditions, the City of Highland Park is instituting a ban on outdoor water use effective immediately. This indefinite ban applies to all water supply customers in Highland Park, Bannockburn, Deerfield, Lincolnshire, the Glenbrook Sanitary District and Ft. Sheridan.

This restriction on outdoor water use will be enforced for all water supply customers 24-hours per day, seven days per week. The City appreciates the community’s cooperation in order to ensure the water supply is protected. These restrictions will be lifted as soon as weather conditions allow. Handheld sprinkling is still allowed.

For more information about water conservation, please visit or call the Water Treatment plant at (847) 433-4355. Or, please visit”

This is a ban on ALL sprinkling, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will be imposed until further notice. Hand watering IS permitted.

Please be certain to turn off your automatic sprinkling system to avoid fines ranging from $25.oo – $500.00 per offense.

In an effort to help in our effort to conserve water, please limit the use of clothes washers, dishwashers and other high volume water consumption to periods before noon and after 6:00pm.

Please direct all questions to the City Manager’s office at 847-926-1000.

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